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 Hill top training spot discovered.

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Killian Mac Bludgeon

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Hill top training spot discovered. Empty
PostSubject: Hill top training spot discovered.   Hill top training spot discovered. Icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 2:25 pm

In the district of Ville-Emard, not too far from Caynen's place, is a great steep hill to practice on. It is in Newman park. If there is enough people from the Lions who Live near the area then perhaps this could be a great spot to recreate hill top battles that is not as far or large as mount Royal!
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Knight Captain
Knight Captain

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Hill top training spot discovered. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hill top training spot discovered.   Hill top training spot discovered. Icon_minitimeTue May 14, 2013 4:39 pm

I think that Ii know what you are talking about... it might not be a bad idea to practice in different locations with different terrain like the park you're talkign about.... we used to do scenarios here and there on mount royal but stopped because in part people didn't want to leave their things unattended and in part because people seemed to prefer the main battlefield (back in the day). But I really like the idea of practicing on terrain other than the same flat muddy field again and again and again. I think this bears a discussion next time we gather in a circle at mount royal.

As to the lions near that park.... while most of the lions live quite far away there area handful of lions in the region Hector is in Verdun and Bear is near little burgundy... I'm pretty near as you say.... and you are.... but we will want more than 4 of us if we want to practice battles. 10 would be nice... 20 would be awesome :-) i wonder if we could set up a one time practice at that park maybe invite people from other guilds that we know who live in the city... something along the lines of the spring and winter one shot practices the vinier invited us to in the past?
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Hill top training spot discovered.
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