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 yard sale!

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Sir Faithful john
Sir Faithful john

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PostSubject: yard sale!   yard sale! Icon_minitimeSat May 26, 2012 10:44 pm

Hey all!

I know this is like uber last minute but it got decided pretty much today. Marijane and I are doing a yard sale slash bbq at my place tommorow! Come one come all, bring your crap worth a dollar. [edit: sorry in my head it actually rimed...Lol ]

It would start at 11:00 am. Come whenever you want.

Hopefully I,ll see dome of you.guys. If youan on comming and need the address, please text me or call me 450-806-4438.

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Le sacrifice n'est rien sans la foi
La foi n'est rien si elle attend une récompense
La récompense de la foi sont la prière et le sacrifice"

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yard sale!
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