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 Who are the Lions?

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Knight Captain
Knight Captain

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PostSubject: Re: Who are the Lions?   Who are the Lions? Icon_minitimeTue Jun 26, 2007 5:12 pm

Greetings knights, squires, men and women at arms, and newcomers all. I am Lord Cynan ap Rhys, one of the two leaders of this group and one of the founders as well. This messsage is really geared more towards potentail new members who don't know yet what we are about.

The Knights of the Lion was started at the padded swordfighting practices on mount royal at the tam tams on sundays. One of our goals has always been to feild a cohesive unit of fighters that fight togther and back each other up at the tams. This has broadened to include Bicolline (a large LARP) as well. Another one of our objectives is to spread the virtues of chivalry. Honor, courtesy, valour, truth, humility, fidelity, and joy of life. And to pass on the skills of sword fighting to new figthers.

Membership in the order implies a commitment to honor and courtesy both on and of the battlefeild. This means playing by the rules of the game, treating opponents and team mates with respect, and keeping to one's word. I should say that this commitment goes beyond roleplaying, but is expected to transer to a certain degree into real life. It also implies a commitment to fighting side by side with your brothers and sisters in arms whenever you can, and doing al you can to play as a team. Finaly membership implies a commitment to making yourself the best you can be, asa fighter, as an athlete, and as a person.

The Lions quickly became a force to be reconned with sporting sheild walls of large tower sheilds bearing our colours (black with a white lion), which protect team mates with long spears or halberds. Since then we have grown in number and abbility and have made a reputation for ourselves as elite fighters, and poeple of honor and good comradery. We are aggressive ont eh battlefeild, often driving our enimies back, or chopping holes through their ranks in order to flank the remainder of our opponents.

I suppose that's enough for an introduction. You will know us once you've been with us.
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Sir Mathew
Knight Captain
Knight Captain
Sir Mathew

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PostSubject: Re: Who are the Lions?   Who are the Lions? Icon_minitimeThu Jul 05, 2007 8:47 pm

Totally dude Cool
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Who are the Lions?
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