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 Unsung Heroes

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Sir Bear
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PostSubject: Unsung Heroes   Unsung Heroes Icon_minitimeSun Dec 01, 2013 11:56 am

Hey Lions,

Here is the song that I sang at Cassandre's birthday party.

Unsung Heroes

Speaker and Chorus (everybody else around): All lines are repeated twice

Hail to you oh unsung heroes,
Hail to you oh unsung heroes,
Though we make our way to battle,
Swords in hand and shields strapped tight,
The pain of the march, the burn of the sun,
We run through the hills, we fight in the swamp,

All for the glory, all for the gods!
All for the glory, all for the gods!

Speaker only, chorus goes silent here:

Because of you, we do not fall!
Because of you, we kill them all!

The wounds that you heal, the water you hold!
The meals you prepare, and the mending of holes!
Support that you offer in dark troubled times!
Advice that you give when its all on the line!

Hail to you oh unsung heroes! (x4 last one is slow)

Written by:
Bear Blackspear October/November 2013

To stab at the face means, when you are in confrontation with the enemy, that your spirit
is intent on stabbing at his face, following the line of the blades with the point of your long
sword. If you are intent on stabbling at his face, his face and body will become rideable.
When the enemy becomes rideable, there are various opportunities for winning. You must
concentrate on this. When fighting and the enemy's body becomes as if rideable, you can
win quickly, so you ought not to forget to stab at the face. - Miyamoto Musashi
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Unsung Heroes
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