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 Modern Clothes In Our Costumes

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Sir Mathew
Knight Captain
Knight Captain

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PostSubject: Modern Clothes In Our Costumes   Mon May 04, 2009 1:14 pm

In the SCA or in Live Action Roll Play, most of us (My self included) use modern clothes in our medieval costumes.

Ideally we as a medieval guild should start to think to replace our tennis shoes or kaki pants with a medieval equivalent or at least something that can pass as medieval as a short distance.

With the sewing workshops going on during the summer and long tunics being made we are defiantly heading in the right direction.

The transition from a mostly modern costume to a totally medieval costume is always a slow process, I my self have bin in a medieval re-creation grope for over 15 years and I have yet to do away with my working boots and sweat pants.

In my time of garb transition it as bin explained to me that a few modern types of clothes work better than others in looking decorum.

For Example Pants:

Make your own in a early medieval style. Canít beat it!
Kilts or Plaid pants look great
Sweat pants and hose look alright (Hose is late medieval period)
Kakis without big pockets are not bad from a distance
Jeans are the worst.

Ultimately making your own medieval pants based on a early western Europe time period would be ideal or you could do as Cynan and forgo pants altogether which is a style the Romans made popular throughout the western world.

As for shoes:

Make or buy early medieval shoes or boots. Canít beat it!
Work boots or most other kind leather boots are your best bet
Black or brown leather running shoes are not bad
Brightly coloured neon shoes are the worst.

The bottom line for shoes is comfort. If your camping out for a day or a week, its best to mix comfort with decorum. In the end if your feet are covered in blisters itís not much fun.
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sire olivius

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PostSubject: Re: Modern Clothes In Our Costumes   Mon May 04, 2009 2:01 pm

Personnally, I like very much army boots : they look medieval and they are pretty solid. Maybe not that much conforable, but you can always buy yourself some stuff tu put in the boots (kneels I think?).

Sire Olivius de Lorimier
Baron d'Axime
Marťchal d'Haldorf
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Trysanthe Estrelle d'Aran


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PostSubject: Re: Modern Clothes In Our Costumes   Tue May 05, 2009 2:41 pm

For myself, I have find with practice that the army boots are very great for fighting. But for non-fighting situations? Well, I have some boots in "suede" that looks very medieval, and are very comfortable and a bit wharmer than "sandales". For girls, finding something for our feets can be very hard. It takes me a few shopping sessions to find my "sandales". Even if they are made with about 50% of modern materials, the way they are made makes it not so evident to detect. You can also buy some real medieval shoes, but it will probably be harder to find and costs a bit more.
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PostSubject: Re: Modern Clothes In Our Costumes   

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Modern Clothes In Our Costumes
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