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 Cool Videogame : Mount and Blade

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PostSubject: Cool Videogame : Mount and Blade   Tue Jul 10, 2007 1:11 pm

Here is a Video Game that some of us have had fun playing around with. I wanted to share it with the rest of you. The Game focuses on Mounted Combat and also comanding "small" units of Troops to fight beside you.

Mount & Blade


Free Trial Download Here (76 MB)

The game is NOT being created by a large gaming company but is rather an Amature project created by a Husband and Wife team. (Only 2 People!) They decided to make a game with the concept of "Horse Back Combat" and what it lack for in "State of the Art Graphics" and "Profession Design", it makes up for with Origionality and Fun.

The free downloadable version lets you play your character until Level 6. The Final Game is still under construction, however purcashing the game unlocks the Level 6 maximum and also helps fund the Project.

I have to say I enjoy playing Mount & Blade. If you do Download the Free version you can get a quick taste of mounted combat in Tournament fights in "Zendar" and also fighting local River Brigands. Enjoy! Smile
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Cool Videogame : Mount and Blade
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